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dragon pups

Monday, March 3, 2014

Why winter is bad...


Well, I guess to be more accurate - COLD is the problem, but that leads to biscuits.  Trust me.

Let me elaborate.

As it has been for many - this 2013/ 2014 winter has been filled with snow, ice & cold.  I do my best, like many, to gamely ignore my creaking joints and keep spirits up through arthritic aches.

But, I get cold.  Miserably cold.  I know this is, in essence, a first world problem.  I am deeply grateful that I have first world solutions for my cold too...

About twice a winter we go to an indoor heated pool to steam out our bodies... but that is not where the biscuits come in.  So here is how that happens:

While on the Emergency Back-Up French Toast Supply Snow Storm Grocery Run (Yes, I know that is a long name - like a bad fantasy novel gnome), I see canned biscuits.

"Gee.  I should get a can of those.  We can do them on the wood burning stove if we loose power.  Especially if I get Smoky Links to go with them." [Naturally this conversation is usually internal... usually.] And so a can of biscuits ends up in my fridge.

This in and of itself is "bad enough", because usually we do not ever actually need those biscuits, so they sit in my fridge until they explode or we fry them up into doughnuts one weekend.  But this is not the depth of Bad that biscuits has brought me to...

We are on the 4th "snowed in" event (in 2 months) this day.  The fire is cranking, I made spaghetti to try to warm up the house. Not sufficient.  Baking warms things up.

Ah... the can of biscuits.

What would I eat with a warm biscuit?  Clearly I must melt some butter.  Honey is an especially good pairing with fresh hot biscuits.  Honey butter?  That's not outside the realm of possible.  Jelly?  Oh, but jelly IS good on biscuits!

What does my fridge & cabinets have to offer today?

I found the can of biscuits. Good.  They are in the oven.

I found the butter.  There is an open 1/2 a stick.  I'll use that.  I really should lay low on the butter.

I found the last jar of jelly.  REALLY?!? We are down to a last jar?! That is practically unheard of.  I must have cleaned out the fridge too well last time.  Oh, despair!  The jar is nearly empty...  There's a just hardly one spoonful...

There is honey in the cabinet.  A Cranberry Honey we found from a local market last year.  I'll just pour some of that in the butter and get that started in the microwave...

The juice is on the table as I turn away from the microwave.  We have worked very hard to have Healthy Juice - we buy cases of V8 Fusion - specifically the Cranberry-Blackberry actually.

Hmm... Cranberry AND Blackberry.  That honey was cranberry flavor... we ONLY have blackberry jelly at our house... I wonder if I can put that spoonful of jelly in the honey butter too?...  It melts, right?

So I add the jelly to the hot honey butter and it all makes this just beautiful sauce like stuff that tastes pretty darn fabulous.  As a matter of fact, it tastes so fabulous that I think I will get a not quite done biscuit out right now and test my sauce...

And so it is that I ate gooey half-baked biscuits in honey-jelly-butter in order to get warm.

And that is just bad.

In an incredibly awesome way!  I have to say that I was warm enough after 4 biscuits to actually offer some to my husband...


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