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dragon pups

dragon pups

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Old Mountain Magic

Speak, Water, Speak
Softly, I will listen…

A voice that is both
Older than the verdant life
Pulsing, vibrating around us,
Yet younger…

Your bubbling giggle speaks,
Summing up the ageless wisdom
Of the wee stones and great boulders
Rounded by your persistent passage.

Speak, Water, Speak
Softly, I will hear…

Not with these too dull ears
Not even with this questing heart…

Somehow, there is an aching
Deeper,  fuller than mere flesh,
More elemental than a feeling,

Right HERE
Within me, next to me, around me…
Just wait…
I recognize, I KNOW!

Fairy’s wings rustle, flutter,
Gnomish eyes seek, watch…
Ancient knowledge SINGS!

Speak, Water, Speak
I long to comprehend…

Written By Lorilei Dreibelbis
April 2012
For Avery Born
Inspired by a hayride to Clark’s Gap, Virginia

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