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dragon pups

dragon pups

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

So.. i thought I would compile all those Facebook posts about what I am thankful for htis year.  I have NOT done this practice previously, and clearly need to be better about acknowledging what is GREAT about my world :)

I TOO need to be more intentional with my gratefulness, so let me start listing:
1) the sun
2)my dog
3)my family
4) my friends
5)ideas/ thinking
6)peaceful transfer of power
I think too much to try to explain these things...

ok - I take it back - HERE is what I am GRATEFUL for today:
I do NOT have to listen to the news or radio or whatever else and be bombarded by FALSE news... I have the right and ability to let the voting ACTUALLY HAPPEN before the counting begins - to believe that NO amount of "exit poll" surveys or media hype drive this elective process - WE, the VOTING CITIZENS do - and the answers will JUST HAVE TO WAIT

Today's gratefullness is for....
And I don't just mean the kind lived daily by my father & other police and military personnel, but also that gonadular fortitude that empowers people to speak their personal truths, or to forge new paths for themselves and their families - the COURAGE to walk out of an abusive relationship, the COURAGE to go to the dreaded dr appt, the COURAGE to try new foods, the COURAGE to get back up on the horse, the COURAGE to cling to faith in the malestorm, the COURAGE to reach out for help, and the COURAGE to gift help to others..
Thank you, God, for COURAGE - mine and other's

I am blogging about my knees, and realized i have never had the chance to THANK those who stopped on Magnolia Ave in August 1994 when they saw me fall and not get up, who went door to door along Magnolia to find a house that would call 911 for me, who stayed and watched the dog and KIDS with me until my dad showed up... I am SO SO SO thankful they had the COURAGE to act and assist when the need was great, even a stranger at unknown risk to self (Rusty- dog- was a 200+ lb malamute!) I am humbled and shammed that I did not get to follow up with them. THANK YOU to everyone who has the COURAGE to step up in emergencies!
large plastic drink cups
I was gonna get all philosophical again, but realized how many of these i have and figured I needed to acknowledge. they are awesome bath toys, good for washing babies & dogs, just the right size for my kids to carry but hold enough to be useful in only one trip, excellent for getting water in the dog's bowl, essential for long road trips, act as a dog's water bowl in a car cup holder, and easily replaced (except for the beer/ rush cups we still have from college) We REALLY do have A LOT of them....

for today - thankful for HUMOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or all children would die suddenly...
Today's thanks: CONNECTIONS
my fortune cookie: Deep faith eliminates fear.
"decide that you want it more than you fear it"

just realized I am one "thankfulness" behind...
so I add: phones. I would be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO lonely without them!


HILARIOUS pics on Facebook
While this may seem shallow - I cannot emphasize to you how INCREDIBLY important it is to know that not only am I NOT the only person who finds that funny, but even when I am picking literal shit out of the carpet or finding our most valuable possessions chewed and broken, or wanting to melt into the ground with embarrassment as my child licks windows at the library - there is SOMEONE out there SOMEWHERE who has a pic that can make me laugh until I have to pee.. and it WILL be OK again...
chocolate - it saves lives everyday...
I am behind on my gratitudes and spreading holiday cheer... because we have been with the in-laws all week watching my mother-in-law at the hospital. While it is rather unclear exactly what ails her or how to resolve it, what is clear is that she is in IMMENSE intolerable pain. At this exact point, while the family remains hopeful that she will come home, the conditions of that return are unclear. It has been a blessing to see us all come together and support one another, but please keep My mother-in-law and her immediate family in your prayers as we face a time of transition... I hope everyone had a BEAUTIFUL holiday, and shared the sacred love of family this holiday is about...

UPDATE:  My mother-in-law's body is getting very tired.  It is clear that more ails her than we previously thought, things she had "protected" us from for a long time.  She is home, right now, and the family is finding new ways to support her and each other.  She looked at my son and recognized him as her own (my husband).. which is as it should be.  She knows her own children and grandchildren, they trigger her memory the strongest, but she is very tired.  She is fighting to stay in her body, and we try to help in what ever ways we can... and pray for her peace.  I hope everyone had a splendid holiday sharing that sacred family time.

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